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The Society's 2014/15 season starts with the AGM at 7.00pm on Friday 19th September in Glastonbury Abbey followed at 7.30pm by a lecture by Jerry Sampson:

The Western Chapels of Glastonbury Abbey 

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Recent additions:  


The Streets, Highways & Byways of Gastonbury in 1904

by J G L Bullied, the Society's founder


Street, William Strode & the Civil War by W S Clark,

1904 Presidential Adress


When Was Glastonbury Abbey Founded by Stephen Morland


XII Hides Terrier and Perambulations by H Scott Stokes



   Artists, etc..:   1610 Camden,  1825/6 Skinner


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 for talks given at the 2013 Glastonbury Symposium





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