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The Society's next lecture is at 7.30pm on Friday 14th November in Glastonbury Library, Archers Way

Dr Tim Hopkinson-Ball

Glastonbury Abbey and the

English Benedictine Congregation

Although Glastonbury Abbey was suppressed in November 1539,  English Catholic Benedictine life survived the Reformation. This talk explores the story of the Benedictines and Glastonbury Abbey after 1539, tracing their history from the sixteenth century to the present day.


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Glastonbury: Abbey and Throne

A Day Seminar  (see next page)


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the page '1864 Sheppard Dale' 


Also extra on '1610 William Camden' & '1825/6 Skinner'


The Municipal History of Glastonbury

by the Rev. Preb. Grant R.D. (1904)


The Streets, Highways & Byways of Gastonbury in 1904

by J G L Bullied, the Society's founder


Street, William Strode & the Civil War

by W S Clark, 1904 Presidential Adress


When Was Glastonbury Abbey Founded

latest thoughts by Stephen Morland when 90


XII Hides Terrier and Perambulations

by H Scott Stokes



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