1722 Enclosure plan


 A Plan of the Corporation Town of Glastonbury & with the adjoining Moors

(probably dating from 1722 but with additions up to 1760) 

"Whole length of ye Church with ye Tower and Chapel   581 and a half feet = 193 yrds. 2 ft. and a half."


On the plan:
1.  The Chaple of King Edgars Chaple              87     ft. by   49     ft.
2.  The Choir                                                   147     ft. by   76 ¼ ft.
3, 31 Chaples . . .  each                                   132     ft. by 124 ¾ ft.
4.  Body of the Church                                      25     ft. by   34     ft.
5.  Chaple dedicated to Our Savior
 & ye Virgin                                                       59 ½ ft. by   23 ¾ ft.
6.  The Cloisters.
7.  Dormitorys.
8.  Site of the Abbot's Palace.
9.  Abbot's Kitchen, now remaining.
10.  High Street.
11.  Magdalen Street.
12.  Benedict Street.
13.  Beer Lane.
14.  North Street.
15.  Chalice Street.
16.  Doe Lane.
17.  Landry Lane.
18.  Pump House when the waters were in vogue.3
19.  Marks the site of the Market House and the Cross.
20.  St. John's Church.
21.  St. Benedict's Church.

There was a Church on Toor Hill dedicated to St. Michael.

A. The house in which lived the Abbot's Purser Camel.
B.  Now the Meeting House.
C. The Abbot's Inn, now "The George."
D. Formerly the Judgement Hall, belonging to ye Abbots.
E. An old house.

The above five houses, am told, were the only houses remaining after a dreadful fire in Henry the Second's reign.

From A to E is identified as: "Lot 103."
On the reverse is: "Lot 104." 

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