1850 Hunt's Directory



Glastonbury is an ancient town and borough in the hundred of Glaston, 127 miles W.S.W. from London, and 25 S. from Bristol, situated in a peninsula called the Isle of Avelon; this town can boast of no particular manufactures, but derives considerable importance from the ruins of its once celebrated abbey, which is said to have been the richest and most magnificent in the world ; it was founded by that great legislator, King Ina, and from its antiquity has been called "the first ground of God and the Saints in Britain."  "The Mother of all Saints, &c."   The Saxon kings bestowed immense revenues upon it, and the abbots assumed such regal pomp and splendour, that they eclipsed the royal donors themselves; 61 abbots governed it successively for nearly 600 years, and enjoyed such unlimited power by a grant of Canute the Dane, that no person whatever, not even the king himself, durst set a foot within the boundaries of their power without their permission.  The view of these magnificent and picturesque ruins is highly interesting, and affords the contemplative mind with abundant proofs that "all flesh is grass, and the glory thereof as the flower of grass".  In the reign of Henry VIII., when he renounced  subjection to the see of Rome, Glastonbury presented such a rich and tempting object to his favourites, that the commissioners exercised the most cruel and wanton severity in order to discover what they imagined hidden by the monks.  At that period, Richard Whiting, the abbot, often entertained 500 horsemen at a time, and was greatly esteemed and celebrated for his hospitality, he saw with silent horror those revenues seized by which his predecessors had maintained such regal splendour for centuries, and when those in power commenced the work of desecration, and robbed the church of its valuable and sacred ornaments, his indignation knew no bounds, but burst forth in bitter reproaches against the king's advisers; these invectives were construed into overt acts of treason, and Whiting with two of his monks were tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death, and to add greater indignities to the monkish order, they were dressed in their pontifical robes, drawn on a hurdle to St. Michael's church situated on the lofty Torr hill adjoining Glastonbury, and all three hung on a gallows erected on its tower; the abbot's head was afterwards set on the abbey gate, and his quarters exposed in the most public situations of Wells, Bath, Bridgewater, and Ilchester.  All that remains of this once splendid pile, and which seems to mock the hand of time, is the abbot's kitchen, it may perhaps be attributed to the following incident.  One of our king's having a dispute with the abbot and knowing the voluptuous style  in which he and his brethren lived, threatened to burn down this building, the haughty prelate, who was not to be intimidated, caused the old one to be destroyed and a new one (wherein was not one 1 combustible article used) built in its stead.  Glastonbury abounds with romantic and ancient memorials of by-gone days, one of the most conspicuous is St. Michael's tower, standing on a lofty hill, north east of the town, its immense height and peculiar conical form, add very considerably to the beauty of the various landscapes, as seen at the different points of the surrounding country.  Here are two churches, one of which called St. John Baptist, is a handsome aud spacious gothic structure, the other, named St. Benedict's, is said by some to be the oldest church in England.  A new cross in the market place has lately been erected, it is of an elegant and light gothic design.  The two principal inns are the old George or Abbots' inn, having the arms of the Saxon kings still surmounting the entrance, and the White hart or Abbey hotel, leading to the Abbey ruins.  There are commodious places of worship here for Wesleyans, Independents, Baptists, and the Society of Friends; also a National and Infant school, and some well-conducted alms-houses for aged men and women.  A monthly market has been appointed instead of the weekly one which was formerly held, and the fairs take place on the 19th of September, and the 11th of October.  The government of the town is vested in a mayor, and 12 councillors.  The main street has a good appearance, some of the houses are large and handsomely built, and it is extremely well paved, and most liberally lighted with gas; the population in 1841, amouted to 3,320.

About 1 mile and half from here, on the Bridgewater road is the rapidly improving village of Street, several good houses have lately been built, and others are in the course of erection, as is also a spacious meeting house for the Society of Friends; in the neighbourhood are some extremely rich and excellent quarries of blue lias stone, and near here embedded in the strata, has been found perfect specimens of animals in a fossil state.  The rector of Street, is the Rev. Lord John Thynne, and the population in 1841, amounted to 1,220.

Post-office—High street.  Postmaster, William Cruse, Letters are delivered at 7 a. m, in summer, and 7 30 in winter.  Money orders are granted and paid from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m., and on Saturday, to 8 p. m.  Despatches to London and all parts, at 6 55 p. m.  Box closes at 6 20 : but letters may be posted to 6 50, by affixing an extra 1d. stamp.

Post-Office.—Street, at Mary White's.  Letters are delivered at 8 a. m. and are despatched to all parts, via Glastonbury, at 5 50 p. m.

Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy.
Allmott Rev. Walter, High street
Bath Richard, Above town
Clark Cyrus, Street
Clark James, Street
Clothier John Wm. C. Street
Emery Mrs. Sarah, Benedict street
Gillett George, High street
Gillett John, Street
Gillett William, Street
Grenville the Hon. and Rev. George Neville, Butly
Hamilton Col. Thomas, Above town
Helliar John, Above town
Hilliard Rev. John C. Street
Holman John, Benedict street
Holman Richard, Avelon house
Hood Sir Alex. Wootton house
Jeffreys George J. Chilkwell st
Ling Theodore, High street
Lovell John, Street
Naish Misses H. &S. Magdalene st
Newman Saml. Magdalene street
Parfitt Rev. Thos. D.D. Chilkwell street
Porch Thomas Porch, The Abbey
Roach Thos. Harris, Above town
Thynne Right Hon. & Rev. Lord John, Walton rectory
Underwood Moses, Above town

Auctioneers and Appraisers.
Cruse William, High street
Hopkins Thomas, Magdalene st
Newman Samuel, Magdalene st

Cox Simon, Magdalene street
Griffin Wm. & Charles, High st
Griffin John, High street
Haime Jacob, Above town
Jeans Samuel, High street
Petwin Joseph, Street

Stuckeys Banking Co. High street, Manager, Porch Thos. Porch; (draw on Hobarts & Co. London)

Beer Retailers.
Davis Job, Bear lane
Davy Mathew, Market place
Edwards James, Benedict street
Kerslake Henry, Market place
Laver John, North Load street
Ruddock John, Market place
Vile Robert, North Load street

Churchill Hy. North Load street
Hooper Thomas, Street
Hooper William, Street
Sheppard Martin, Above town
Walter John, North Load street
Wright John High street

Boot and Shoe Makers.
Brookes Joseph, Magdalene street
Brookes Peter, High street
Clarke Cyrus & James, (manufacturers) Street
Crocker Thomas, High street
Fry James, High street
Payne John, High street
Rice Joseph, Market place
Taunton Giles, High street
White Thomas, Market place

Brick makers.
Down Hry. Wilcox, Wells road
Norman John, Wells road

Court Thomas, Market place
Esgar Edward, Magdalene street
Gray William, High street
Griffin Edward (pork), High street
Griffin Wm. and Chas. High street
Kewer Francis, Street
King Richard, Street
Seymour George, Street
Windmill James, High street
Windmill Joseph (pork) High st

Applin Thomas, Benedict street
Chamberlain Samuel, Market p
Day Samuel, High street
Godfrey Frederick, North Load st
Godfrey Geo. North Load street
Godfrey William, North Load st
Hopkins Thomas, Magdalene street
Hunt Robert, Benedict street
Lawrence James, Above town
Petwin Edwin, Street
Petwin Thomas, Street
Smart John, High street
Stacey William Street
Trimby Richard, High street

Chemists and Druggists.
Goodfellow Henry T. High street
Mayhew Thomas, High street
Stoneman Richard, Street

China & Class Dealers.
Griffin Edward, High street
Pole George G. High street

Confectioners and Pastry Cooks.
Grist James, High street
Swanton Stephen, High street

Edwards James, North Load street
Light Henry, Street

Brooks John & Jas. Magdalene st
Lyne Michael F. Street

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.
Atlas (F. & L.), Mayhew Thomas, High street
Britannia (L.), Brooks John & Jas. Magdalene street
Farmer's (Fire, Life, & Hail), Hopkins Thos. Magdalene street
Norwich Union (F. & L.), Bulleid John G. High street
Provident (L.), Foxwell Thomas, High street
Star (F. & L.), Foxwell Thomas, High street
West of England (F. & L.), Taunton Charles, High street
Yorkshire (F. & L.), Cruse Wm., High street

Grocery and Sundries— Dealers in.
Beale James H. Street
Cox Simon, Magdalene street
Crees John E. Street
Cross Elizabeth, North Load st
Dodge Edwin, Street
Edwards William, Street
Gallop Thomas, Street
Gibbs Amelia, High street
Grange Susan, Market place
Griffin Edward, High street
Haime Jacob, Above town
Hillard Solomon, Street
Hooper James, Street
Jacob James, High street
Kerslake Henry, Market place
Lovatt Elizabeth, High street
Martin Cornelius, High street
Masters Ann, Chilkwell street
Palmer Joseph, High street
Perkins James, Street
Pitman William, Street
Smith Samuel, High street
Swanton Thomas, Market place
White Mary, Street
Windmill Joseph, High street

Hair Cutters.
Beale James H. Street
Palmer Joseph, High street
Turner William, High street

Inns and Hotels.
Crown, High street, Jelly Joseph
George, High street, Baily Alex.
Street Inn, Street, White Mary
White Hart & Abbey Hotel, High street, Baily Alexander

Inns and Public Houses.
Bell, Magdalene street, Lewis Charles
Glastonbury Arms, High st. Edghill William
Lamb, North Load street, Hart Thomas
Queens Head, High st. Adams Mary
Red Lion, Magdalene street, Barnett John
Rose & Crown, High street, Draper George
Torr House, Chilkwell st. Crocker James

Linen Drapers.
Bishop Joseph, High street
Carncll William, Market place
Edwards William, Street
Hillard Solomon, Street
Jacob James, High street
Marquant Peter, High street

Bernard James, Street
Pratt Edward, Glastonbury

Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers.
Adams Alfred, Street
Munden Robert & Sons, High st
Ruddock John, Market place
Taylor Joseph, High street
Tiley Wm. Benedict street
Wallis William, Street

Plasterers and Tilers.
Bath Peter, Magdalene street
Chamberlain Henry, High street
Chamberlain Joseph, High street
Oxley Charles, Street
Reynolds John, Street

Saddlers & Harness Makers.
Dix George, Market place
Fry Samuel, Street

Ball Ellen, High street
British & Foreign, Street and Walton; mistress, Lyne Maria
Cotton Frances, Chilkwell street
Crow George, Magdalene street
Infants, Above  town;  mistress, Grey Caroline
Infants, Street; mistress. Tucker Jane
National, Church lane; master, Munden Robt.; mistress, Chedzoy Dinah
National, Street; master,Vile James; mistress, Vile Elizabeth
Smith Ann E. Above town
Wright George W. Chilkwell st

Sheep-Skin Rug Manufactrs.
Clark Cyrus & James (& boot & shoe), Street#

Bulleid John, G. L. High street
Holman Stephen, Chilkwell street
Naish William B. & Rocke Jns. J. High street

Stay and Corset Makers.
Applin Mary, Benedict street
Crane Mary, High street
Lawrence Susan, High street

Stone Masons.
Brown James, Street
Crees John, Street
Heal William, Magdalene street
Lawrence William, Street
Masters Edmund, Chilkwell street
Seymour Zachariah, Street
Talbot Robert, Street
Trout John, Street

Straw Hat Makers.
Dowling Hester, High street
Hann Mary, High street
Westlake Ann, Street

Burgess John Henry, High street
James Wm. Dice, Chilkwell street
Malton Frederick, High street
Newman Charles, Magdalene st
Stoneman Richard, Street
Stradling Francis, Chilkwell st

Bennett Wm. High street
Bond William, High street
Edghill James, Above town
Hillard Solomon, Street
Lawrent Charles, Street
Marsh Abraham, Magdalene st
Perkins James, Street
Vincent James, Magdalene street
Vincent John, High street
Vincent Thomas, Benedict street
Westlake Adam, Street
Westlake William S. Street

Tallow Chandlers.
Hayes Philip, Magdalene street
Martin Cornelius, High street
Scriven Robert, Benedict street

Clothier John Wm. C. Street
Jacob James, Northover

Tin Plate Workers and Braziers.
Smith John, High street
Smith Samuel, High street

Watch & Clock Makers.
Burch William, High street
Toomer John, High steeet

Godfrey William, North Load st
Hartry Henry, Street
Huish Edward, Street
Trimby Richard, Benedict street

Basket Maker, Harrington Geo. North load street
Berlin Repository, Cottle Ann, High street
Booksellers Stationers, & Printers Welch Wm. & John, High st
Corn Factor, Edwards John, Market place
Furniture Broker, Carnell Wm. H. Market place
Gas Fitter, Sheppard Martin, Above town
Glove Manufacturer, Jacob James, High street
Ironmonger, &c. Foxwell Thos. High street
Milliners, Vincent Charlotte and Crocker Maria, High street
Nurseryman, Haines John, Wells road
Paperhanger & Painter,  Ham John, High street
Pawnbroker, Davey Matthew, Market place
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Harvey John, Benedict street
Timber Merchants, Stuckey and Bagehot, Benedict bridge

Alms Houses, Magdalene street, for 11 men and women.
Fire Engine House, North Load street; keys at John Cox's, North Load street
Gas Works, North Load street
Public Library and Reading Rooms, High street; secretary, John G. L. Bulleid.
Stamp Office, High street; sub-distributor, Mary Rood
Town Hall, Market place; keeper, James Vincent

Bath, Edwards' van, from the Glastonbury Arms, Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 12 noon.
Bridgewater, Lang's van, from the Red Lion, Tues. Thurs. and Sat. 8 a. m.
Bristol, Edwards' omnibus, from the Glastonbury arms, daily at 1 p.m.

Bridport and Bristol, Perry's waggon, from the Crown, Mon. Thurs. and Sat.


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